About AdjusterPro and Infinity University

AdjusterPro and Infinity University have partnered to provide industry-leading pre-licensing and examinations for adjusters.  Through this partnership, we combine the forces of two educational powerhouses to provide a one-stop shop in adjuster education.

About Infinity University

Infinity University's mission is to provide world class training to support their world class claims organization.

About AdjusterPro

AdjusterPro provides principle-based, empowering education and career development which gives confidence and competence to people in the claims industry from adjuster to carrier. Since 2005, we've been working side-by-side with the entire industry: states, carriers and claims companies, and adjusters. This gives us a unique understanding of the deep needs of the claims business as a whole. The bottom line is that carriers and IA firms need more qualified adjusters than they currently have access to, and prospective adjusters want training that actually equips them for a real career in the industry.

Our purpose is to "fill the gap" by enlarging the pool of truly qualified adjusters accessible to employers.