Alabama P&C with WC and Crop Adjuster Exam Retake (Attempt #2)

Darn, you didn't pass the first time.  Don't sweat it, you can take it again.  You can take the Alabama Adjuster exam right away without delay.  Each attempt costs $75.  After your 2nd try, you will need to wait 90 days before taking it a third time, so be sure to study.  Don't take it lightly.

Important Note: All exam attempts are linked to your social security number.  Retaking exams using aliases or multiple emails will only lengthen your application process.  Please adhere to the retake requirements listed in #9 of our Alabama Pre-licensing FAQ here.

If you have reached this page, but have not yet taken your Alabama Pre-licensing course: please click here to purchase your course which includes the 40-hour pre-licensing and the first attempt at the exam.  If you have taken the pre-licensing from another vendor and have not yet taken your first attempt at the exam, please contact customer service at

To purchase your second attempt, please see below.

Alabama P&C with WC and Crop Exam (2nd Attempt)